Ted Reid

President, Paladin Technologies

Ted Reid is the president of Paladin Technologies, where he spearheads the company’s development and implementation of strategic, leading-edge operating practices.

Since joining Paladin Security in 2006, Ted has demonstrated his ability to deliver superior growth through acquisitions, geographic expansion and expanding the service offering of the technology division. Paladin Security has earned the reputation for being the most responsive service provider with unmatched customer service in the Canadian security industry.

Through Ted’s vision, leadership and understanding of how to add value to their clients, Paladin Technologies (formally recognized as Paladin Security Systems) is being recognized in the marketplace as innovators in their application of technology solutions. Paladin Security Systems was recognized as Canada’s 2015 Security Systems Integrator of the Year by SP&T News.

Since the acknowledgement, Paladin Security Systems acquired the Action BMS Group of Companies in December 2015. Furthermore, the company acquired both Marcomm Systems Group Inc. (MSGI) and CONTAVA Inc. on February 1, 2017. With the birth of the Paladin Technologies brand, Ted’s drive for growth will continue as the 500 plus team of experts move forward together. As the largest complex systems integrator in Canada, Ted is passionate about working with the best technical resources in the nation to drive innovation for our industry.
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