Peter Martin

President & CEO of AFIMAC Global

Peter Martin is the President & CEO of AFIMAC Global, a company which for more than 30 years, has offered emergency response, strike security, travel risk management and other elite security services to image conscious companies across the globe. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with their clients to protect people and property both during times of crisis and regular business operations.

As an international security practitioner, Mr. Martin has worked extensively in both the North American and overseas markets for over 20 years. Beyond his experience in the international security industry, he is a recognized subject matter expert in crisis management, use of force, threat/risk assessment and personal and physical security measures.

As a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer on a variety of security related issues, Mr. Martin advocates the importance of detailed risk analysis and proactive measures to enhance corporate and personal safety.

In addition to his work at AFIMAC, Mr. Martin previously held a Partial Load Professor status teaching Advanced Security Management and Security Law in a leading College's Graduate Studies Program.

Mr. Martin is a Graduate of Niagara Colleges Law & Security Administration Program with Honors, holds both an advanced certification in Corporate Finance from the New York Institute of Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions from the International Investment Banking Institute, and is current enrolled in Harvard’s Executive Education Program. Mr. Martin currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Manufacturing Association, the Steering Committee for the International Security Foundation through the U.S. Department of State and is an active member of the Global Security Advisory Group through Washington’s Center for Strategic International Studies. He also maintains active memberships in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, Overseas Security Advisory Council and the Association of Counter-Terrorism and Security Professionals.    
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